Will Murray (Willscrlt)

Welcome to my digital home!

Hi! The video playing in the background is of me on my very first zip line run. It was so much fun!

Thank you for visiting my homepage. Here are some highlights that might interest you:

Services Offered


Whether your business needs technical advice or advice on growing or rebranding your business, my training and 30+ years of business savvy can help you do what you do, just a bit better.

Design & Development

Designing award-winning websites since 1993, specializing in making sites accessible to all. Skilled in HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. SQL/MySQL. Degree in Java and experience in C/C++.

Photography & Video Production

Digital photography, video production, and editing are both a hobby and a passion of mine. Be sure to visit my mini-portfolio below and my online gallery for examples of some of my work.

Network Administration

20+ years serving small and midsize businesses and non-profit organizations. Design, build, and maintain Windows and Linux networks. A+ Certified. Microsoft Certified System Engineer.

Writing & Editing

Excellent composition and editing skills. Technical writing, creative writing, copy writing, copy editing, fact-checking, and research. Part of an editing team for a NY Times best-selling author's books.

Targeted Marketing

You could have the most awesome company, product, or service in history, but if people do not know about it, how will you grow? Your small business or non-profit may benefit from my help.


Education & Training

As a lifelong learner, I continue to take classes and learn new skills. I do this both for personal enjoyment and to keep my skills current.

Professional Experience

Most of my professional career has been through self-employment (contract work or business owner) or volunteering with non-profits.

Licenses, Certifications, & Awards

This is a list of things that I have earned or been awarded over the years. I do not mean to brag, but I did work hard to achieve these.



Years of Professional Experience


LinkedIn Recommendations


Courses Completed


Certifications & Licenses

LinkedIn Recommendations

Will is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. His IT and communication skills are exceptional in many ways, and I would consider Will to be an asset to any company.

Kevin Arger

Sr. Business Analyst, Fonteva


I found Will to really care for the direction that his company wanted to go, and in my opinion, from his position, he played a major role in moving the company towards their goals.

Woody Parker

Parker Communications


Will is responsive, dedicated to his work and extremely knowledgeable. His function was to build, maintain, and troubleshoot the multiple servers, desktops, printers and laptops supporting all operations and aspects of All Weather. If I'm ever in the position of needing to hire an IT professional, Will would be my first choice.

Mark Mahalmann

Controller, All Weather Inc.


Will provided excellent support to each and every request. He responded quickly to requests for support and provided quick and complete resolutions to the issues at hand. Will was professional in all our interactions, but above and beyond that, he is easy to work with and get along with.
It would be a pleasure to work with Will again in the future, and he would be an excellent asset to any company.

Steven West

Senior Software Engineer, All Weather Inc.


Will Murray is very professional. He is methodical and very task-oriented. He works well in teams, and when he says he will do something, he ensures that it gets done. He could always be counted on to come through. I have worked with Will on more than one project, and I'm always impressed by his technical skills and how creative he can be to solve problems.

Anita Frank-Cavanaugh

Associate Governmental Program Analyst, CalPERS

It was a real pleasure to work with Will. He is very customer-oriented, friendly, and accommodating to the needs of his customers. Will's technical and troubleshooting skills were essential to the success of our project. He very often put in many extra hours to accomplish his work to meet the expected deadline. He is a very dedicated employee.

Michael Earl

Sr. Software Development Manager, All Weather Inc.

Appreciation from clients and coworkers

Thank you all for your work on this [streaming video project]. [Having] you be able to put your heads together [with other members of the team] and figure out what would work best in regard to getting the weekly sermon out there is a great gift to me and the church. I look forward to hearing and seeing the results. Thanks again.

Wes Nordman

Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church, March 10, 2012


Hey Will, last week’s check runs went without a hitch on Shelby’s end, and I just want to say “Thank you” for coming through for us – yet again. ☺

Rebecca Venegas

Office Administrator, Westminster Presbyterian Church, January 11, 2016


“This next [award goes to] Will Murray. Not only has he taken classes to understand more about coaching, he videos everything we do, he does our website, he takes care of so many little activities, helps with practices, gets on the bus. You name it and he does it. This globe here showing the world, does not show as much as Will does—regularly—day in, day out. ‘What can I do to help? Can I drive? Can I help? Someone needs a ride, let me know. I can do it.’ All our videos and everything that is uploaded, he then does all that. There's no way I’ll video all that stuff. All the stats that are on there. He does so many intricate things to make sure we have the things we need to be successful as a team. I would not have been able to just coach as much as I do without having Will here doing everything he does. So this goes to Director of Operations, Will Murray.”

August Wesley

Head Coach, Inderkum High School Wrestling Program,
Sacramento, California, January 16, 2019